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Membership is open to all municipal judges, court clerks, deputy clerks, prosecutors, and all other court staff. TMCA believes that a strong membership is essential to continue to provide quality programs, support, and materials you have received in prior years. Please join your professional colleagues in membership in the organization founded and is dedicated to serving your needs.

Membership Application

September 1st - August 30th

Introducing Tiered Membership


The TMCA Board of Directors is proud to announce Tiered Membership!  We recognize that budget dollars are not always available for memberships.  With Tiered Membership, you can save money when you submit a group application.  The more that join at one time, the more you can save.  If you prefer not to submit a group application, that's okay!  Individual applications are always welcome.  


Membership Criteria

Every member must have a unique email address

Membership is non-transferrable to other court personnel

Payment may only be made online with a credit card

Tiered membership application may be submitted once per membership year

(may submit individual memberships at full price through out the year)


Tiered Membership Pricing

Should your court not have enough staff to fulfill one of the groups listed, choose the group that best fits your staff,  then submit individual applications at $75 each.  For example:  

2 memberships only - submit 2 individual applications at $75 each for a total of $150

(requires two submissions and two separate credit card transactions)

11 memberships - submit 1 group membership for 10 at $625 and one individual application for $75 for a total of $700

(requires two submissions and two separate credit card transactions)

Feel free to contact the Membership Committee Chair if you need help choosing the best tiered membership group for your court.


Individual Membership Price

Tiered Membership Price














































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