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Membership Application

Texas Municipal Courts Association
Membership Application
(Fiscal Year September 1 - August 31)

Membership Application

Introducing Tiered Membership
The TMCA Board of Directors is proud to announce Tiered Membership!  We recognize that budget dollars are not always available for memberships.  With Tiered Membership, you can save money when you submit a group application.  The more that join at one time, the more you can save.  Don't worry, if you choose not to submit a group application, you may submit individual applications, but will lose the opportunity to save. 
Tiered Membership Criteria
Every member must have a unique email address
Membership is non-transferrable to other court personnel or other courts
Cannot add names once payment is submitted
(must submit individual application at full price)
Payment may only be made online with a credit card
Tiered membership application may be submitted once per membership year
Tiered Membership Pricing
The-Most-Important-Tip-for-Your-Website.pngShould your court not have enough staff to fulfill one of the groups listed below, choose the group that best fits your staff then submit individual applications at $75 each.  For example:  
2 memberships only - submit 2 individual applications at $75 each for a total of $150 (requires two submissions and two separate credit card transactions)
11 memberships - submit 1 group membership for 10 at $625 and one individual application for $75 for a total of $700 (requires two submissions and two separate credit card transactions)
Feel free to contact the Membership Committee Chair if you need help choosing the best tiered membership group for your court.
                            Memberships         Cost Now                 Savings          Tiered Membership Cost
                                         1                                        $75                                 $0.00                          $0.00
                                         3                                        $225                               $50                             $175
                                         6                                        $450                               $75                             $375
                                         10                                      $750                               $125                           $625
                                         15                                      $1,125                            $175                           $950
                                         20                                      $1,500                            $225                           $1,275
                                         25                                      $1,875                            $275                           $1,600
                                         30                                      $2,250                            $325                           $1,925
                                         35                                      $2,625                            $375                           $2,250
                                         40                                      $3,000                            $425                           $2,575
                                         50                                      $3,750                            $475                           $3,275
Please let us know if your contact information needs to be updated.


Your membership is effective September 1 - August 31.