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TMCA Fact Sheet

  • TMCA is the parent association of the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center (TMCEC)
  • TMCA administers grant funds to train and educate judges and court support personnel from Fund 540 (The Judicial & Court Personnel Training Fund)
  • Fund 540 authorizes municipal courts to collect $2 on each case to train and educate municipal judges and court support personnel
  • In 2015, municipal courts collected $5,313,586.33 in Fund 540.  However, TMCEC received only $1.6 million for judicial education and training.
  • TMCEC trained 5,664  judges and court personnel in 2017
  • Municipal courts handled 5,589,502 new cases in 2016, involving violations of the Transportation Code, Penal Code, Alcohol and Beverage Code, Education Code, Health and Safety Code, Parks and Wildlife Code, and city ordinances
  • Almost one half of (46%) the 1,374,050 new civil cases filed were in municipal courts in 2016
  • The number of new traffic and parking cases fell 37% in 2016 from its peak in 2006 and is at the lowest level in more than 30 years - these cases make up over 80% of the fine only misdemeanor cases in the state
  • The number of new non-traffic cases filed in 2016 was 45% lower that its peak in 2008 
  • Approximately $680 million in fines and court cost were collected by municipal courts in 2016 
  • There are 162 municipal courts of record
  • 933 municipal courts in Texas
  • 1,278 municipal court Judges
  • There are more 3,015 Court Administrators, Coordinators, Clerks, Juvenile Case Managers and Teen Court specialists
  • Municipal judges comprise 40% of the Judiciary
  • 56% are licensed attorneys; 44% are non-attorney judges
  • 99% of municipal judges are appointed by local governments; 1% are elected by city-wide vote
  • Municipal courts handled 86,680 new juvenile cases (ages 10-16) in 2016

What Municipal Courts Do: Jail magistrations, arraignments, examining trials, pre-trial hearings, bench and/or jury trials, show cause hearings, indigence hearings, mental health hearings, dangerous dog hearings, code enforcement hearings (i.e., junk vehicles, animals, weeds, debris, signs, etc), sub-standard structures hearings, school attendance hearings, driver's license suspension hearings, stolen property hearings, bond revocation hearings; review probable cause affidavits and issue search, inspection, seizure and arrest warrants; issue emergency protective orders, ignition interlock orders, community service orders, expunction orders, record retention and destruction orders.

TMCA has more than 1,000 members across Texas from El Paso to Texarkana and from Amarillo to South Padre Island. We care about our cities and are dedicated to preserving the quality of life in the communities in which we serve. We are involved and we vote!

Data Sources:  Office of Court Administration - Annual Statistical Report for the Texas Judiciary FY16
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                          Comptroller of Public Accounts Request #12027757246
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