Dedicated to the Fair and Impartial Administration of Justice by Providing Quality Education, Assistance, and Support for Municipal Courts across the State of Texas.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Association is composed of the President, President-Elect, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President.

The Executive Committee may act in the place of the Board of Directors between board meetings on all matters, except those specifically reserved to the board or other committees created or otherwise permitted by these bylaws.

The Executive Committee shall oversee (i) the financial affairs of the Association, and (ii) personnel matters. The Executive Committee shall report on all actions at the next board meeting.

Hon. Michael Acuña, President
Municipal Judge
City of Dallas
Hon. Esmeralda Peña Garcia, President-Elect
Associate Presiding Judge
City of Houston
Tel: 713.247.5464
Hon. Edward Spillane, First Vice-President
Presiding Judge
City of College Station
Hon. Robin A. Ramsay, Second Vice-President
Presiding Judge
City of Denton
Hon. Hilda Cuthbertson, Secretary
City of Snook
Hon. Robert C. Richter, Treasurer
Presiding Judge
City of Missouri City
Hon. Stewart Milner, President
Presiding Judge
City of Arlington