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Texas Municipal Courts Association

Upcoming Board Elections

  • The Nominating Committee invites all members in good standing to submit recommendations for nomination and informs you that an election will be held from May 1 through June 15, 2024, for a term beginning September 1, 2024 for the following offices:

             President-elect (statewide board position)

             Second Vice-President (statewide board position)

             Treasurer (statewide board position)

             Region 2 Regional Director

             Region 4 Regional Director

             Region 6 Regional Director

             Region 8 Regional Director

             Region 10 Regional Director.


    Names for the above positions may be placed in nomination by petitions signed by at least twenty (20) members for statewide board positions and ten (10) members for regional board positions.

    All petitions must contain the required number of valid signatures along with the printed name of the members signing the petition for proper verification by the Nominating Committee. All nominees must be employed or serving in a municipal court at the time of nomination. Petitions must be received by the Nominating Committee no later than March 31st.

    All qualified persons who have submitted valid petitions shall have their names placed on the ballot. A member may not petition to have his or her name placed in nomination for more than one office during any election year. Neither the Nominating Committee, nor any member thereof, shall promise any member that his or her name will be placed in nomination.

    A completed petition must be received no later than March 31st.

    Petitions must be mailed to: 

    Judge Michael Acuña
    Chair, TMCA Nominating Committee
    Dallas Municipal Court
    2014 Main Street, Room 331
    Dallas, Texas 75201

    or emailed to Judge Michael Acuña at michael.acuna@dallas.gov. The subject line should read: “2024 TMCA Petition”.

    No member of the Nominating Committee may be nominated for any position on the Board of Directors during their service on the Nominating Committee. No member of the Nominating Committee shall sign a petition for any person running for a board position.

    The names and addresses of the members of the Nominating Committee are:

  • 1)  Hon. Michael Acuña (Dallas)
    Board Member - First Vice-President
    Committee Chair
    Dallas Municipal Court
    2014 Main Street, Room 331
    Dallas, Texas 75201
    2)  Hon. Bonnie Townsend (Luling)
    Board Member - President-elect
    Luling Municipal Court
    509 E. Crockett
    Luling, Texas 78648
    3)  Hon. Wayne Frost (Midland)
    Board Member - Region 5 Director
    Midland Municipal Court
    P.O. Box 1152
    Midland, Texas 79702-1152
    4)  Hon. Jay Robinson (Dallas)
    Dallas Municipal Court
    2014 Main Street, Room 331
    Dallas, Texas 75201
    5) Hon. Kathryn Hoang (Dallas)

    Dallas Municipal Court
    2014 Main Street, Room 331
    Dallas, Texas 75201

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