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Nominating Committee

This committee is required by Article XIII, Sections 2 and 3 of the TMCA bylaws. The committee shall consist of five members with no more than three members presently serving on the Board of Directors. The committee shall prepare and submit to each Association member a ballot placing in nomination at least one candidate for each office. The committee shall invite all Association members to submit recommendations for nomination in accordance with Section 2(c) of Article XIII.

The committee will prepare a schedule to reflect the necessary actions to comply with Section 2(c) and Section 3 of Article XIII. The schedule will be submitted to the TMCA Board of Directors on or before the second Board meeting. 

The Chair of the committee shall endeavor to schedule to have the ballots counted so the results of the vote can be announced at the TMCA annual meeting (convention) but the results shall be announced not later than June 30.