Dedicated to the Fair and Impartial Administration of Justice by Providing Quality Education, Assistance, and Support for Municipal Courts across the State of Texas.


Legislative Committee

This committee is established by the TMCA Bylaws (Article XIII, Section 4) and consists of those members appointed by the President to serve. The committee is charged with determining what legislative programs are desired and/or approved by the membership and, in cooperation with the President, plan and execute a program for obtaining favorable consideration of any legislation favored by the membership.

Although this TMCA term does not have a legislative session, this committee will be the focal point when legislators, legislator’s staff, etc., need input for municipal court legislation and will work to develop the TMCA legislative package that TMCA believes would be beneficial to the municipal courts.

This committee has, in addition to the responsibility reflected in the bylaws, also acted as the Intergovernmental Relations Committee. This added responsibility will continue. In this role, the committee, as requested by the President, will be the TMCA focal point for coordination and liaison with organizations that share the same goals and interest as TMCA such as TML, other judicial training groups, appropriate state governmental agencies which impact the municipal courts, etc. The committee will recommend policy and methodology to the Board for working with these various organizations and agencies and will keep the Board informed of any undertaking of these other organizations and agencies which could have an impact on the Association or municipal courts.

Hon. Stewart Milner, Chair
Presiding Judge
City of Arlington
Tel: 817.459.6980
Hon. John Bull
Presiding Judge
City of San Antonio

Hon. Julie Escalante
Presiding Judge
City of Baytown

Hon. Esmeralda Pena Garcia
Municipal Judge
City of Houston
Tel: 713.247.5464

Hon. Brian Holman
Presiding Judge
City of Lewisville
Tel: 972.219.f3419

Hon. Kathleen Person
Presiding Judge
City of Temple
Tel: 254.298.5687
Hon. Robin Ramsay
Presiding Judge
City of Denton
Tel: 940.349.8139
Hon. Danny Rodgers
Deputy Chief Judge
City of Fort Worth
Tel: 817.392.6715
Hon. Ed Spillane
Presiding Judge
City of College Station
Tel: 979.764.3850
Hon. Donna Starkey
City of Alvin