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Education Committee

This requirement for this committee is established by the Court of Criminal Appeals’ “Rules of Judicial Education”. Each committee member shall be familiar with the “Rules of Judicial Education”. The committee is responsible to assure that the “Rules of Judicial Education” are followed. The Rules grant this committee autonomous authority (1) to approve judicial continuing education programs to satisfy mandatory judicial education requirements, (2) to rule on request for waivers for non-compliance with mandatory judicial education requirements, and (3) to report to the Court of Criminal Appeals, by November 1, the names of judges who either did not comply with the mandatory judicial education requirements or were not granted a waiver.

The committee will submit to the TMCEC Board of Directors for approval the committee’s recommendation of other matters such as dates and locations of TMCEC seminars, registration fees, compensation to speakers, and all other matters except those not exclusively assigned to the committee by the “Rules of Judicial Education”.