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 2018 - 2019 TMCA/TMCEC Committees

Committee Members to be Announced

All the work by and for the Association is performed by members who volunteer to do the work.  Generally, the members work as part of a constituted committee appointed by the Association President. For the most part, the committee membership is drawn from the officers and directors who have agreed to perform the necessary tasks assigned to that committee.

There are four standing committees which are required by the TMCA Bylaws. The Association President is authorized by the TMCA Bylaws (Article VII, Section 6) to appoint such committees as necessary to carry on the business of the Association. Since the TMCA Board of Directors also serves as the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center (TMCEC) Board of Directors, there are two committees specifically constituted for TMCEC business -- the Education and Personnel committees.

The current committees are listed below. Click on the committee name for a more detailed description of what each committee does.  Most committee members also serve on the TMCA Board of Directors.  You can visit the Board of Directors page for contact information.
COURTS HELPING COURTS (ad hoc committee)




TMCA members may contact any committee chair or committee member at the address shown on the committee roster or may e-mail TMCA.


*TMCA volunteers who are not board members