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2018 Board Elections

Pursuant to Article XIII, section 2(b) of the TMCA bylaws, the Nominating Committee invites all members in good standing to submit recommendations for nominations and informs them that names may be placed in nomination by petitions signed by at least twenty (20) members for statewide board positions and ten (10) members for regional board positions. All petitions must contain the required signatures along with the printed name of the member signing the petition for proper verification by the Nominating Committee. All nominees must be employed or serving in a municipal court at the time of nomination. Petitions must be received by the Nominating Committee no later than March 31, 2018.

Please send your petitions to: Judge Esmeralda Peña Garcia 
Chair, Nominating Committee
1400 Lubbock
Houston, Texas 77003

 If sent by email, please include the subject line “TMCA Petition”.


Pursuant to Article IV, sections 1 and 2, petitions may be submitted for the following positions:

 1)    President-Elect

 2)    Second Vice-President

 3)    Treasurer

 4)    Regional directors from even-numbered regions
(Region II, Region IV, Region VI, Region VIII and Region X)


Directors who have served two (2) complete consecutive terms as director of one of the regions shall not be eligible for nomination or election to that position for the term immediately following the second complete consecutive term.


Petition for Nomination Form


Click on the region link below to see a list of counties and cities in that region. 

Region II

Region IV

Region VI

Region VIII

Region X