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Why Join the Texas Municipal Courts Association?

The Texas Municipal Courts Association (TMCA) was organized in 1974 for the sole purpose of forming a viable support organization dedicated exclusively to serving Municipal Courts.

In 1983, TMCA was the organization selected by the Texas Supreme Court to receive and administer a grant to provide continuing legal education to Municipal Court personnel. In 1994, the authority to grant the legal educational funds was transferred from the Texas Supreme Court to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals selected TMCA to continue to receive and administer the grant funds.

To provide the continuing legal education, TMCA created the Texas Municipal Courts Training Center in 1983; in 1994 the name was changed to the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center (TMCEC).

The TMCA sponsors and directs the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center and, via the Education Committee, provides oversight to assure that quality educational seminars meeting state mandatory education requirements are presented at several regional sites each year. TMCA was the first statewide organization to provide training and continuing education for court clerks and court administrators. TMCA co-sponsors the Texas Court Clerks Certification Program.

The legal seminars for judges and court clerks, the books and manuals, the “800 hotline”, and other resources are the results of activities initiated by the TMCA.

TMCA is in competition with other organizations for the available legal educational funds (other courts and agencies, police, DPS, other non-profits); a strong organization helps to maintain a high profile when the grant requests are reviewed and given.

The only funding available to TMCA for operating expenses is through membership dues. No grant funds are used to operate TMCA. Therefore, it is extremely important that the Municipal Court personnel continue to support TMCA via membership dues.

Membership in TMCA is open to all Municipal Judges, Court Clerks, Deputy Clerks, Prosecutors, and all other Court Staff. TMCA believes that a strong membership is essential to continue to provide at no cost the quality programs, support, and materials you have received in prior years. Please join your professional colleagues in membership in the organization founded and dedicated to serving your needs.

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 Membership dues are only $60.00 per year.

Our membership fiscal year is from September 1 to August 31.

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